New in The Box

Local Artist Aaron Pearce will be exhibiting three new paintings, in the small display box in the in-door block on Pennington Flash Country Park, throughout March and April.

Here is the exhibition information,

Ni ten ichi ryu, Aaron Pearce.


For my current art work I am exploring the idea of painting on reclaimed plywood board.


In September 2016 I was fortunate enough to acquire 3 sheets of perfectly weathered and moldy plywood boards from the vehicle compound of Tesco’s sub station at the loom retail park.


Selected for their awesome rich colour, interesting knots and ring patterns, my intention from the start was not only to pull out and emphasize the wood grain into portraits and landscapes while keeping to existing colours, but to use the grain, knots and ring patterns to explore hidden images, figures and other possibilities and textures from in the wood.


This double edged image and technique system lends itself to the title “Ni ten ichi ryu” which when translated from Japanese means “Two heavens as one” or “Two swords as one”. 


As a keen angler of Pennington Flash for one of the pieces I have chosen to depict a Tench, which is one of the more elusive and exciting species on this truly harsh, wild and vast water.




Author: Cath Hawkins

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