New Display Box Exhibition

There is a new location, information and exhibition in two of the small Moving Marks display boxes.

Here it is:

This small box was part of the 2014-15 Moving Marks project, which included a number of bigger boxes placed in different areas on Pennington Flash Country Park, Creative Walks for families and adults and an installation/exhibition in Bolton. The boxes provided an outdoor display accessible to all of creative work, initially inspired by the Flash.

The project was devised by local artist Catherine Hawkins, Facebook @CatherineHawkinsArtist and supported by volunteers. Boxes are still in use as places to display work near to the outdoors or in the community.

Currently in the Box November/ December 2016-

 Around Corris, October 2016

Catherine Hawkins recently spent two weeks in a small Welsh village at Stiwdio Maelor, Her work is inspired by being outdoors, yet for most of the past year a leg injury has kept her inside. Here are some small marks and photographs of bigger work she did during her first adventure outdoors (with a crutch!) in a beautiful Welsh valley.

This regularly changing display is in the indoor block on Pennington Flash Country Park and also in the window at, and many thanks to Flower Shop by Gill, 1A Smith Street, Atherton, Gt Manchester, M46 0DB,

Facebook @Flower Shop by Gill.

Lets see how this goes!

If you are interested in the potential of exhibiting in these small boxes contact me, Catherine Hawkins.

Author: Cath Hawkins

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