AboutWebsite 003Moving Marks is outdoor, environmental art, a multi-disciplinary approach to creativity being developed by Catherine Hawkins, a dance artist with over twenty years’ experience of performing and participatory projects in the North West. In recent years, supported by Arts Council England’s, Grants for the Arts, Hawkins has attended Helen Poynor’s, Walk of Life training programme in non-stylised and environmental movement in the South West of England. The clays and mudstones of the Jurassic coast, where Walk of Life workshops take place, inspired mark making on paper and fabrics as part of movement work. Back in the North West, Pennington Flash Country Park became the place for Hawkins to regularly continue this creative exploration and the potential of new projects based in this area began to evolve.AboutWebsite 001

In summer 2013 Hawkins joined Neo:artists, Bolton and in August moved into a studio space to further
develop ways to share moving marks. She also began to explore ways to support the continuation of this process based work and the creation of sharing and participatory opportunities, in new environmental art on Pennington Flash Country Park and in galleries in the North West. In 2014 she received funding from Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England, Small Things Dance Collective and Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust for Moving Marks.

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The project initially included:

Developing an outdoor installation on Pennington Flash with display boxes to share the Moving Marks process/project in the environment. Boxes were sited in different areas outdoors on the Country Park. Also a post box was placed in the indoor block to collect and then display the public’s creative responses to the environment. This outdoor display and invitation to the public to get involved in an arts project was a very successful starting point for exploring leaving art within a well visited natural environment. This creativity, for over a year had a significant place to stay and be viewed in the environment.


The 2014-15 project also included a mover, photographer collaboration – outdoor transient movement made visible and witnessed in images as if it is part of the wild life. Photographer Leila Romaya, and Hawkins met on the Country Park in January 2015 and created images for the Moving Marks Installation which have also been a resource for publicising this work ever since. They have succeeded in making visible the ongoing outdoor movement process underpinning Moving Marks and continue to profile outdoor art practice.